Crypto j-curve by chris burniske

crypto j-curve by chris burniske

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Raoul Pal \u0026 Chris Burniske: Unlocking DeFi's Value
Applying the J-Curve concept to crypto assets was recently explored in a blog post by Chris Burniske. In the article he compares the Bitcoin. Praise for Cryptoassets and Chris Burniske and Jack Tatar member of President Reagan's Economic Policy Advisory Board, and creator of the Laffer Curve. The crypto J-curve models how the market values a cryptocurrency over time. Usually, upon an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), or its initial listing on a major.
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And so I actually think that if you had really good stablecoins that could move across chains, that could be a huge threat for Ether. So you pull it out of the float. But of course, publishing being slow, you had to finish it earlier and I think you had some kind of date. Ultimately, at steady-state, a cryptocoin should be mostly composed of CUV, with a bit of speculation happening at the margin.