Ath acronym crypto

ath acronym crypto

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ATH meaning. What does ATH mean?
ATH stands for �all-time high.� In cryptocurrency and online trading, the ATH is the highest price or market capitalization that a particular. A person that is holding a "bag" of a particular cryptocurrency and has held it perhaps from ATH down to close to zero. They are at a point where they can. The term All-Time-High (ATH) alludes to the maximum market capitalization attained by an asset since its listing. In other words, it refers to the highest.
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All-Time High ATH is a term used in the world of finance to describe the highest price an asset or a financial instrument has ever reached. Assets that experience rapid price increases and reach new ATHs can become overvalued, increasing the likelihood of a market correction. Credit Suisse Called Bitcoin a 'Bubble' in